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Well, this was a list 6 months in the making.

Oh my god, what happened? No seriously, Chris Savino, what exactly were you doing with this show? Did you have any idea on what you were doing with the PPGs?! I mean, the show took such a DOWNWARD spiral in stupidity and flanderization with The Mayor and Blossom. So many episodes pissed me off from these two seasons alone. Now, we WILL get to the good ones, but after I tear apart a few.

First, the honorable mentions:

Nuthin' Special
Yeah, let's make Buttercup's tornado ability NOT her special power, and yeah, let's make the girls RIDICULOUSLY overpowered, and make a dumb twist that even the narrator lampshades.

Pee Pee Gs
Bed wetting..Just bed wetting. Plus, a 2001 scene that goes on for FAR TOO FREAKIN' LONG! But at least the twist with Mojo and his motivation was kind of funny...then he wets himself.

Toast Of The Town
WAAHH..WAAHH...WAAH...Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Now for my top 5:

5. Little Miss Interprets/Say Uncle
Why did I start the list with a tie? Well, because the reason is simple: Both episodes are filled with plots based on the STUPIDITY with the girls!

In Little Miss Interprets, they get paranoid because they think the Professor is gonna kill them and make new girls. Yeah, after 4 seasons of the Professor showing how much he loves his accidents, and an episode where the Professor imagines them as ACTUAL girls, they would think this. I'm sorry, but this episode does NOT go well with PPG's. Probably because the girls, or at least besides Bubbles, are smarter than this.

But it gets worse in Say Uncle, where they mistake a sasquatch as their uncle. Yes, they really are this stupid in this show, especially since they know what their uncle looks like. Again, this plot doesn't work on the PPGs. It worked better with Camp Lazlo's Great Snipe Hunt, and even Spongebob...and I HATED The Thing.

Look, I know they are just kids, but again, these plots DO NOT work well with them, especially when they did episodes with Cussing & Lying..and even THOSE episodes worked better, because it didn't revolve around them being STUPID AND BLIND.

Just, stupid plots, next.

4. Sun Scream
Say, you ever wanted to cringe at the PPG's? You ever wanted to see an episode that is uncomfortable to watch? Well, HERE is your answer.

Just, why would the creators think this was a good idea? Basically, it's 10 minutes of the girls in pain, and they show every detail, AND I MEAN, EVERY. FREAKIN'. DETAIL. of the sunburn. We have to see the girls in so MUCH agony, and once again, these creators think that it's entertaining to show every detail, including the sound of the skin cracking, the agonizing movements of the girls. You know forget Town N' Out being a torture porn for the girls, THIS IS.

3. Girls Gone Mild

Yes, Mr. Enter reviewed this one, but I have MY reasons for hating such a ridiculous episode.

I feel like this is a separate review, which means that I will make an animated atrocities page. But just, my god, the premise is stupid, and they wasted an ENTIRE subject that could make a good episode, in favor of just lazy and rush writing. 

2. West In Pieces

I've already reviewed this episode, but I will say it again. This episode is the most boring thing to ever come out of PPG. Instead of using the western premise into something good, they drag it out with no creativity, annoying SIDE characters, a lack of villains, and the whole premise of the PPGs wearing OVERSIZED coal powered jetpacks. 

1. Sweet N' Sour

You knew this was coming. Just, my god, speaking of torture porns and Townsville becoming ungrateful morons, this is the CROWNING episode of it. Basically, it's the Bendy of PPG. We have perhaps the most KILL-able villains in the PPG get away with crimes because they are cute. No, they don't brainwash the citizens like Gigglepies or something, and it's not even satire. So yeah, this is basically 11 minutes of the girls being treated like crap with everyone, and not even the "resolution" is anything worthy. Just...makes you sometimes wish Townsville would just blow up.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. I think I might do a top 5 best someday, but just..I really wanted to get this out.
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